Playing with Desire by Erika Wilde

Published: November 17, 2020

This book was definitely hot and steamy but not really what I was expecting which is why if you follow me on Goodreads or Amazon you’ll see I gave it 3 stars. I was expected a full threesome romance however that is not how it turned out. The book started out that way with the main heroine, Summer, attending the sex club The Players Club for her friend’s birthday. There she meets two brothers who decide to share her for the night if she is up for it. Only instead of a romance blooming with her and the two men it was with only Declan who wanted a no strings attached romance for his three weeks of leave. Everything was going as planned until Summer fell in love with him and he had to break her heart when he left. For five months he didn’t have contact with her and it took her forever to get over him. Including having another night at The Players Club with Rick (Declan’s brother). Only when Declan returns everything becomes slightly awkward because no matter how much he said he wanted Summer to move on he was not all that happy that she had.

So not only was this book not a threesome romance like I was hoping it would be it was also a rather slow storyline. I wanted there to be action like the guy who promised retribution against Summer getting out of prison and coming after her. Or something dramatic happening to Declan on a mission (more dramatic). I would have even taken more scenes at The Players Club. Something to have made the storyline move a bit faster. The writing was fantastic (as usual) and the characters were great I just needed more from the story itself. Either way if you are a fan of Erika Wilde you should check out this book and the ones before it.

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