Code Name: Rook by Sawyer Bennett

Published: October 27, 2020

Ok so this review is coming fairly late but seriously Cage was an idiot in this book. Like how could he NOT tell the girl he is dating what he actually does for a living. Like I get lying about it when it’s just a one-night stand but after that he should have manned up. Anyway, Cage starts to actually really like Jaime and the lie just keeps going. Until they get married while he is speaking at a security conference in Vegas. It is at this time that his friends are ready to kick his ass because he didn’t tell her that night what he really did. He was instead sent on a new mission to South America and had to lie to her once again. It is then that he really knows he needs to tell her the truth so when he returns and plans on doing that he is entirely surprised when her apartment is raided by what seems to be thugs and kidnaps her. He knows that this is her brother’s fault so now the truth needs to come out in order to get her back but it is the absolutely last way that he wanted her to find out he wasn’t a cars salesman.

I loved reading this book. I love all of the Jameson books actually because they just keep getting better. This one did occur along the same timeline as the previous book so some of the scenes will seem familiar though they will be from Cage’s point of view. I really liked that because it gave more insight into those parts of the other book as well. Honestly, though this review is late you should definitely read this book if you haven’t gotten to it yet. The next book is a surprise novella and it is already out in a holiday book bundle. I’m so looking forward to that one too.

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