Lightning Game by Christine Feehan

Published: March 2, 2021

This new Ghostwalker book was really good. I had felt that the books were becoming kind of stagnant until the last one but this one brought it back to the beginning with a heroine who was from the first group of girls that Whitney acquired. She knew who Flame was and who Dahlia was. And all I wanted was a reunion scene between Jonquille and Flame!!! I liked how Jonquille was paired with Ruben. We didn’t know a ton about him before this book and now we definitely know more about him and Diego. And how freaking awesome they both are. I also loved that this book didn’t focus on Whitney as much as the majority of the other books. In fact it was a mystery for the majority of the book who was actually after Jonquille and then again they didn’t know why they were after her either. Jonquille thought they were after Rubin and was going to do everything in her power to protect him even if that meant she died while trying.

I did really like the main protagonists of this book and their story together. I also enjoyed that it didn’t revolve around fighting in the bayou of Louisiana. I like the different locations that this book and the last one had and the fact that both of the villains in these books weren’t Whitney. Now here is where there might be a spoiler so I’m sorry about that.
I cannot believe there is another team of Ghostwalkers who weren’t created by Whitney and that the third Fontenot brother is a part of it. Part of me wonders if he was enhanced by Whitney or if he has the same problems that the other members of his team has. Also, I have been wondering if we were ever going to see the other brother since his is only mentioned in passing in Gator and Wyatt’s books. So now I want to know who is the next book going to be about. Will it be this mysterious Fontenot brother or another member of Team 4. I would love another book on members of the other teams. I am glad that this book and the one before this felt more like the original books because it reinvigorated my love for this series. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

—“Don’t you zap me again. Diego glared at her. I didn’t call you a little wimp, I said you looked like a little wimp. There’s a difference.” -Diego to Jonquille—

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